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Access Control

A Professional Access Control System is an electronic security solution that allows you to restrict who, when, where and how a person enter or exit in critical areas of the company. Its main components are: software, reader controller, readers and cards, electromechanical barriers, accessories.

At QSI we integrate different levels of Access Control Solutions and Technologies, so that we adjust in an optimal way to satisfy the diverse requirements that our clients raise. This suitability is achieved through the use of the appropriate Software and Hardware for each application.

QSI represents recognized manufacturers, including PCSC and HID, whom we represent since 1990, providing us with a complete portfolio of Access Control Systems and associated accessories.

Cloud Based Services

Our slogan: "We turn Connectivity and Mobility into Profitability for your company". These are Recurring Monthly Revenues for the provision of a certain service; "Recurrent Monthly Revenue", RMR for its acronym in English.

Unlike projects, RMR services guarantee a constant cash flow; which is very attractive for any company, particularly those in the start-up phase.

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Technical Services

Our services are the result of years of experience in successful project installations with certified specialists that will ensure excellence in the implementation of turnkey projects.

From support for basic engineering, to installation assistance and commissioning, our specialists can support you in all stages of your project execution

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Who We Are

We are electronic physical security experts offering consulting and engineering services, including design, configurations, provision of loss prevention solutions, and turn-key implementation services for commercial and industrial facilities of all sizes and budgets.

QSI Miami has decades of experience in the physical security industry, our knowledgeable experts and support staff can assist you in all aspects of your current, or existing projects and installations.


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