Cloud Based Services

Quantum provides the following cloud based services. Contact us today for complete details of each service.


Quantum Security as a Service: Complete self-monitoring alarm, video, and home automation control for residential and commercial applications. This service features web services by SecureCom Wireless and DMP Security Products


Quantum Critical Appliance as a Service: Provides for constant monitoring of a critical appliances such as the temperature and humidity of refrigerators, freezers, at grocery stores, restaurants, and pharmaceutical facilities.  Other applications include the monitoring of cultivation green houses and  food items on cafeteria displays.


Quantum Task and Attenance as a Service: Provides for a wide variety of control services for personnel assigned to perform local and remote services, such technicians, Maintenance and cleaning jobs, guard tours, route salespeople, school attendance and child drop off,  pick up, and dismissal accountability, nurse/hospice home services.


Quantum Business Intelligence: Provides for effective methods of collecting data and marketing information at hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, retail, schools, movie theaters, and others.